Ruthie McRonald | Owner

About Ruthie McRonald

My name is Ruthie.  I grew up in Colorado with a houseful of 5 siblings.  I’m the middle child.  In my opinion - that’s the one that’s the smartest and easiest to get along with.  I always loved fashion and home decor and daydreamed about a future having something to do with fashion.  That’s not what happened. - at least not immediately.  After a degree from the University of Denver in History and Political Science my life went a different direction.   I married a wonderful man and we moved to California and had 2 amazing children.  Life changes sometimes and now the kids are grown and gone and I am on my own again.

The truth is I’m a total homebody!  There is usually no place I would rather be than home with a glass of wine - or with a few friends - hosting a dinner party - maybe hanging with the girlfriends in the backyard on a summer evening.  I can conjure up a dozen scenarios.  You name it - I love being at my house.  Definitely time to open my own dream store.

Once a few years ago I found some napkins that I absolutely loved!  Well the only thing to do when that happens is to have a dinner party.  So I did- just so that I could use those napkins!  It’s often the little things that add such joy!  This is where my idea for Haberdasherie came to focus.  In addition to being in love with the word haberdashery (I spell it with an “ie” on the end just because I like it that way), I wanted to create a store that has all of the things I love and know that others will love as well.  A space that tells a story. 

So come in and sit for awhile and surround yourself with beautiful treats that you can take home with you to create your own story.  Find unique gifts for your friends.  A hostess gift for the next time you head to a dinner party or outdoor gathering.  Those napkins that prompt a dinner party for friends. If you love it, it should live in your home - or your friends home!